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Have your Own successful accounting,  bookkeeping and Tax business
Find and retain clients in weeks rather than months.
Be in business for your self but not by yourself.
You do not have to go to years of school to have a great income in the accounting, bookkeeping and tax industries.

Universal is here to help certify your skills and help you enhance your career by increasing your business knowledge in accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, and/or taxes. Getting certified is easy with Universal's programs.
The four things that you need to consider in building your own accounting. bookkeeping and/or tax service are money, time, commitment and knowledge.

We know it takes money to make money. Make sure to consider the costs vs. the return on investment. The potential for a high return on investment is great.

Second is time. It takes time to certify and get the credentials you need. How much time do you have, on a weekly basis, to invest in your studies?

Third is commitment. Part of commitment is decisiveness, the ability to keep appointments and make wise business decisions, and being able to keep deadlines for your employer. This will also make you finish your training in a timely way.

Last, is knowledge. A great bookkeeper and tax preparer must have the knowledge to do and understand the books for a wide variety of clients in various types of industries. Certification is an easy way to show your knowledge and skill level.
Universal Accounting is out to help accountants and bookkeepers to understand how to market their trade and to help their business clients become profitable. The training and programs are great. The materials and the presentations were very easy to follow and enlightening. All the presenters, the staff were great. It is comforting to know that I have this great company (UAC and staff) to provide support to me if I need it or falter. Thanks for a great job.  -- Anthony Awotwi
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